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#1 tobypsl


Отправлено 28 January 2016 - 00:42



I've used a code (and the 'Sourcerer' plugin) as the default value in a text field:


{source 0}
  $url = htmlspecialchars($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);
  echo "<a href='$url'>Back To Search</a>"; 
to create a link back to search results when an item has been viewed.  Ideally I'd like this to be a button (preferably the UIKIT class) but if I include a class in the echo statement it breaks the code.
Is there another way of getting a back to search results button?



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#2 SmetDenis


Отправлено 28 January 2016 - 08:21

Hi tobypsl,



I think the best way will be to use JavaScript and browser history.

Like this

<a href="javascript:history.back();">Go Back</a>


See also




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