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Teaser Box Effect only working for preset type "Phone"

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#1 Stef


Отправлено 22 February 2016 - 13:01

Hi there,


I would like to keep the layout and design for my shop similar to the current JBZoo phone shop template.


When I copy the type "Phone" and create a new item (without even changing any elements), the teaser effect where the item "zooms in" at mouse-over does not work anymore.


I have attached a screenshot to make it easier to understand, this is how I would like my new tems/types to look.


What is the problem?


I am looking forward to hearing how I can fix this.


Thank you! 

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#2 SmetDenis


Отправлено 22 February 2016 - 16:36

Hi Stef,

Item type "Phone" uses styles that are here



As you can see, demo site uses parent classes by alias of catalog and item.

Styles for hover effect are here


You can disable compressing and merging CSS files to easy develop.
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#3 Stef


Отправлено 23 February 2016 - 12:59

Thanks a lot for your reply!


So I basically copy the demo.less and create the same ____.less one for my new type? Where do I need to reference this new ____.less file in my new type files for it to have an effect?


Or can I just add the classes I need for my new type in the demo.less ?


Thanks so much for your help!


All the best!

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#4 Stef


Отправлено 23 February 2016 - 14:08   Лучший Ответ

Solved, found this article http://jbzoo.ru/docs...ize-like-demo-2

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