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Benefit and uninstallation

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#1 spottedhaggis


Отправлено 28 July 2016 - 23:24

I have been a Zoo user for some years, prior to that I was a K2 user but zoo is far simpler to use, less features but simpler.

I stumbled across JBzoo and thought ill check it out.  I looked at the website but to be honest I am still not entirely clear what JBzoo offers over the standard zoo other than a shop, which may not even be as advanced a shop as I would need, that said, I figure the basic free unit will be worth a look.


Installed in a Joomla 3.6 system, and I see the App icon in zoo, nice icon.  Click it, and click new (nothing unfamiliar here) and I have a stream of what I assume are missing language files on the right side, but what I do not see in JBZoo is where it benefits the existing Zoo as it is?


I can find nothing in JBZoo that suggests I should use it with Zoo?  So, short of the errors that are in the addon, and the fact it seems to offer me no benefit, I also found that when I uninstall it, which it says went without issue, the app is not removed from the standard Zoo system


So, Can you firstly tell me how to remove this app instance, and secondly tell me what exactly the benefit to this is over just the standard Zoo app, because I am clueless.

#2 SmetDenis


Отправлено 29 July 2016 - 09:56

Hi spottedhaggis,

All our features works only with JBZoo App.

Did you create new catalog with JBZoo App and new item types?
What version of JBZoo did you use?

Is it Pro or Free version? I mean that free version is too light and doesn't have s lot of functions like demo website.

To unimstall JBZoo use Zoo Admin Panel OR just to remove direcory /media/zoo/applications/jbuniversal
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