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Things that make me buy a Pro version of JBImage

my ideas to improve jbimage

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#1 Julio


Отправлено 26 July 2013 - 23:11

My ideas to improve JBImage:

1 - Watermark - put a text or image (png/gif) as watermark for all images. Parameters: position (center, bottom left, bottom right, etc), transparency (0% to 100%), size (% of main image or px fixed), margin (from corners in px)

2 - Gallery subgroups - divide all images in groups when a JBImage element is showed in full view and similars. With this feature, admins could create a group of public images and blocked images. Parameters: "show images from" "to". (today JBImage can show first image and the other ones, my idea is divide as administrators prefer).

3 - Tag Images - Admins will define tags and users can tag your photos one by one. Ex: "people", "landscape", "objects", etc. When a JBImage is added to template view, admin can choose to show all or specific tag. Parameters: "tags"
4 - Unpublish - User can publish/unpublish photos one by one. Parameters: Published Yes/No

5 - Express upload - Users can upload several images at once and organize then after upload. Choose images one by one is painfull when you need to publish more than 10 images. So, the solution is create an option to "express upload" like Phoca Galley. For reference, JCE editor have a nice and easy tool to upload images. Parmeters: Enable Express Uploads: Yes/No

6 - Gallery Layouts - You can use widget kit gallery layouts and create some different options to show image galleries.


Please, the correct title is "Things that make me buy a Pro version of JBImage"


#2 SmetDenis


Отправлено 29 July 2013 - 07:17

Thank you!
We will think about your suggestions.

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