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Presales questions - custom zoo elements/apps, template for search output

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#1 tkdas


Отправлено 01 November 2013 - 02:16

Hi Thanks for the good and cost effective solutions. I am very interested in this product. 

Would custom zoo elements work with jb zoo: 

For example I want to buy: http://extensions.jo...xtensions/18145

which is a custom element for contact form. 


2 more questions: 

1. Can I define custom search output template/look and feel. Also how to define tabs in JBzoo pro?

2. If required, can i use it in multiple subdomains under one top level domain?

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#2 Kess


Отправлено 01 November 2013 - 12:35



Most custom elements for ZOO should work in JBZoo as well. If there'll be any problems we'll try to help.


1. Please, explain your question about custom search in more detail. What do you want to achieve? 


There is a pre-defined product type in JBZoo that has tabs in it. Each tab is a separate position in the "Full" template. You can modify the full.php file of that item type to add new tabs or to copy them to other product type.


2. Yes, you can use one license on a main domain and on its subdomains.

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#3 tkdas


Отправлено 03 November 2013 - 08:31

Ok, thanks. 

I have built the directory to some extent using the free version of JBZoo? 

How can I upgrade? Would all my existing content/types/elements etc. still be useful? 

Do you have a contact form element available native to the JBZoo where the visitor can directly contact the person who has made the listing? 




I am based in india. How can I pay you? 


Best Regards.

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#4 Kess


Отправлено 03 November 2013 - 13:30

You can upgrade from the free version to a full one. It's not a one-click upgrade thought. It will require you to override some files and copy new ones. Also you'll need to install new modules. We'll explain it in more detail if needed. But i'm afraid that this information is not for the public section of the forum.


JBZoo doesn't have a special element for a contact form.


I think you'll be able to pay using PayPal. You can read more about payment here: http://jbzoo.com/payment.php

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