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Moving from JBZoo Free to JBZoo Pro

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This instruction is for those people who already made a website based on the free version of JBZoo and bought a JBZoo Pro license later. And who now wants to upgrade that website to the latest version of JBZoo Pro and add new functionality while keeping the content.
Unfortunately, currently it’s not possible to make such upgrade automatically (it’s planned to add such functionality in the future versions of JBZoo), so we are offering two methods to do it manually.
Before trying to do anything that is written below, be sure to make a full backup of your website. It only takes several minutes but can save hours of work if something will go wrong. You can easily make a backup using Akeeba Backup.
Also, don’t forget that new versions of JBZoo Pro require ionCube support on your server.
After you confirm that ionCube is supported and make a website backup, you can begin an upgrade.
First method

This is an optimal method for upgrading to JBZoo Pro but if it is somehow not appropriate for you, we’ll briefly describe another method.


Extract an archive with the latest JBZoo version installer somewhere on your PC, we’ll need to manually copy some files from here later.
For your convenience rename the 
to jbuniversal_free
Now copy a folder that contains JBZoo application (packages\jbuniversal\jbuniversal) from previously extracted archive here (right next to jbuniversal_free)
After that you should have similar structure of media/zoo directory on the server:
Copy everything from these folders:
to the corresponding folders in /media/zoo/applications/jbuniversal
Delete /media/zoo/applications/jbuniversal_free directory
Don’t forget that you must have a full backup of your website before doing something like this.
In the /plugins/system/jbzoo directory replace jbzoo.php and jbzoo.xml files with the ones that are in the extracted archive on your PC in the packages\plg_sys_jbzoo folder.
Copy all folders with modules to the /modules directory:
In the website control panel go to “Extensions” -> “Extension Manager” -> “Discover” and press the “Discover” button. In the search results you should see modules that you’ve just copied. Mark them all and press the “Install” button. After that these new modules will be accessible from the “Extension Manager” (cart module, filter module etc.).
Clear all cache:
Go to “Components” -> “ZOO” and activate your JBZoo license.
In the JBZoo control panel go to the “Tools” section and re-index the database.
Second method
Go to the configuration of your application and export it in JSON format.
Temporary save a copy of the media/zoo/applications/jbuniversal directory somewhere on the server or on your PC.
Go to "Cog-wheel" -> "JBZoo App" -> "Info" and delete your applications. Then uninstall JBZoo App.
In the Extensions Manager uninstall JBZoo Free :
Using this manager install the latest version of JBZoo Pro.
Go to "Components" -> "ZOO" and create new JBZoo application and activate your license.
Now copy the contents of these directories from the previously saved copy of "jbuniversal" to the corresponding directories:
Go to the configuration of your new application and import categories and items with JSON.
Clear the cache and re-index the database, just like in the first method. 
If you had some menu items or modules that were pointing to items or categories of your application, then this binding could have been lost after JBZoo uninstall. So you should review the settings of such modules and menu items.
Website appearance could change slightly after an upgrade because css files of new JBZoo versions are a bit different from the ones that you had. In order to change the appearance of your application like you want, we recommend reading instruction about JBZoo customization.

Both of these methods were tested and work correctly, so you should use one of them. For example, it's a bad idea to try to make an upgrade of JBZoo Free by applying a patch for JBZoo Pro or to replace files without saving the settings of your item types first.
If you'll have any problems during an upgrade, please, make a post on our support forum and we'll help you.

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