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#1 tobypsl


Отправлено 22 December 2015 - 09:24



I am running the following configuration on 2 sites:


Joomla: 3.4.6     JBZoo: 2.1.2 Pro     Zoo: 3.1.4     WidgetKit: 1.4.7


Updating the software is problematic as we amended the submission .php file so we could accept POST requests from a third party.


Our server has been exploited with a malware attack so now I need to install fresh JBZOO and ZOO.  But I need to know first of all if I can update my configuration to the currrent version without losing data stored in the DB?



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#2 SmetDenis


Отправлено 22 December 2015 - 10:56


You can update your JBZoo version to 2.1.5 without any loss.
Or upgrade it to 2.2.x version via special cart-migrations.

JBZoo and Zoo has tools for checking itself and show modified files. So, if virus changed our files you find that easily.
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