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How to update JBZoo?

documentation update

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How can I find info about JBZoo App updates?
All news about JBZoo you can find on our pages:

Or you will see a message in the control panel of your website
Where to download updates for JBZoo?
Updates can be downloaded from a special page on our website - http://server.jbzoo.com
Access information is in your Email, which came after the purchase.

Attention! Before upgrading your site, create a full backup of your website. This is easily done by using the Akeeba Joomla component


Where can I find my JBZoo version?

Just go to this page (Tools - JBZoo App - Info)


For example, see screenshot




How to install the patch?

Download a patch file from the download section. The file must exactly match your JBZoo version .

Extract the archive to the root of your site with replacing (if this is necessary).


After installing the patch, be sure to make this:


Attention, update your site strictly by version. It is very important!


If you have problems, create a topic in this section.

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