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Release of JBZoo v2.0

jbzoo 2.0 update news

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#1 SmetDenis


Отправлено 30 July 2013 - 07:35

We have released a new version of JBZoo.
The main changes:

  • Import and export for CSV
    • Support for any fields.
    • The file can be associated with items through different keys (ItemID, alias, name and SKU).
    • The ability to dynamically add options of such elements as radio buttons, selects and checkboxes.
    • There is an option to remove (or deactivate) items.
    • You can update only some fields of items.
    • CSV file format for importing is fully compatible with the file format of standard ZOO.
    • There is categories import (all category fields can be updated or added via CSV: text, images, headers, aliases, and even metadata).
    • Items export supports any fields.
    • You can export items and categories.
    • Export all content in a single ZIP-archive.
    • There are many options of export.
    • Saving all your settings of import/export in the Joomla user profile.
  • A new item for prices - JBPrice Advance
    • Different types of prices: basic and additional
    • Price options can be any of the fields of items
    • Calculating stock balances
    • You can specify a percentage discount or any currency
    • Processed discounts
    • There is an option "New"
    • Beautiful flags to switch currencies
  • Added new features to filter by:
    • New flag
    • Sale flag (discount)
    • SKU
    • Stock balances

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