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How to install ionCube (JBZoo 2.0+)

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What is ionCube?
It is a popular method of php-files encryption.
It is free and you can download it directly from the official website - http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php
Almost all code of JBZoo is open except the parts where the license is checked.
Starting from version 2.0.0, IonCube Loader support is required for the proper work of JBZoo.
ionCube and a hosting
Almost all hosting providers support ionCube module.
If not, you can ask your hosting tech support to enable it and in most cases it will be done on your first request.
How to manually check if ionCube is enabled?
Method #1 - Information from the phpinfo() function
Create a PHP file with phpinfo() function then upload it to your website and open its address in your browser.
Method #2 - Run loader-wizard.php
It is an official script which either helps to determine current module version or assists in its installation. You can download it using this link - http://www.ioncube.c...ader-wizard.zip
If everything is ok, you will see something similar:
Method #3 - Install JBZoo 2.0 +
If the application launched successfully then everything is ok.
Otherwise, you'll see this:
How to manually install ionCube module on your server?
Download loader-wizard.php and execute it on your website. Follow installation wizard suggestions. It will help you to determine which file you should download (the one which is compatible with your PHP version) and what to do next.

  • Download suggested archive
  • Extract it to a folder specified in the second article
  • Specify path to this file in your php.ini file using similar string: zend_extension="<FULL PATH TO THE FILE>/<LOADER NAME>"
  • Restart apache

If the server doesn't start up after reboot, then most likely you either

  • downloaded wrong version of ionCube
  • or incorrectly edited php.ini

Related links
There are a lot of articles on this matter in the Internet. Installation concept is the same.
Here are some examples:

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